Bolani is dedicated to delivering the tastiest flatbread and sauces, full of natural, wholesome and healthy ingredients. We believe that you do not have to sacrifice good taste for nutritional benefits. Made from a recipe that has been passed down generations and handmade with love, our products are both nutritious and delicious.

Our History

Bolani came from one woman’s single dream. Nazifa R. Sidiq, (Nazie) immigrated to New York in search of a better life over thirty-five years ago. She settled in California and met her husband, (Rhateb Sidiq) and shortly after, they had their first and eldest son, (Billal Sidiq). After years of ends never meeting, Nazie, Rhateb, and Billal decided to bring authentic Afghan recipes to the forefront over 10 years ago. Nazie, Rhateb and Billal continue to work alongside each other in efforts to pursue the dream that came from one mother.

Nazie, Rhateb, and Billal worked as one like a well oiled machine and sold vegan flatbreads and sauces to the Farmers Markets every week and soon the buzz surrounding the family owned company and their unique products spread like wild fire. The products were an instant family favorite because not only were they delicious, they were nutritious! Bolani grew from participating in one Farmers Market to over 200 in California. Bolani then began selling its products in Whole Foods and Costco after many years of back breaking labor. Bolani has grown from its humble beginnings but has never forgotten it’s deep seeded roots in the Farmers Market. Bolani’s story is truly a testament to what a dream combined with drive, determination, and the sheer will to succeed can do.

Bolani’s mission has always been to offer our valued customers nutritious and delicious food that is free of chemicals and additives at an affordable price. We pride ourseleves on continuing our mission to help transfrom the food industry one product at a time by one day making all Bolaniproducts organic. We want our valued customers to know that when they buy Bolani products, they are buying the best!