Our Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto is perfect for pasta! Add some shrimp for the perfect combination of flavors. If you need to make a quick dinner, this is the recipe for you. Use as a main dish or even a side.


– 1 package of pasta

– Sundried Tomato Pesto container

– 2 lbs. of deshelled and deveined shrimp

– 1/2 cup fresh chopped Basil

– 2 Tbsp. Garlic

– Salt

– Pepper


1) Cook pasta according to package instructions

2) Saute 2 lbs. of fresh shrimp in Olive Oil and 1 Tbsp. of fresh chopped Garlic and

season with Salt and Pepper to your personal preference

3) Saute 1 Tbsp. of Garlic in seperate pan  

4) Pour Sundried Tomato Pesto container into pan

5) Heat Sundried Tomato Pesto until hot and season with salt and pepper if necessary

6) Combine shrimp and Sundried Tomato Pesto together into one pan

7) Place the cooked pasta onto serving platter

8) Pour the Sundried Tomato Pesto and shrimp ontop of the pasta

9) Garnish with fresh chopped Basil


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